Maui, Hawaii  June 2011
The whole Biddulph Family....Except Ben who is serving in the military and Dan serving a mission!
The Mike Biddulph Family

 Beautiful Sunsets!


Hillcrest Graduation

Proud Mom & Dad:)

Love this Picture!
The SWEET shoes that made her 6 ft tall!
Carson Amy and Emily

Amy Girl!


Month of Lasts

Amy's last high school dance!

Tyler and Amy

So fun for Amy.....but so sad for mom and dad!


Mexico-Spring Break

We took Amy to Mexico for her Senior Trip.  
She is wondering if this food will be as good as cafe rio.

Mike making a sad face because his salad is too fancy and too small!

Amy getting braids from a lady who we thought was super sweet but ended up being evil. 
But I guess amy does have a lot of hair! 

Stevie Wonder.
I don't know what I think about the shirt.  oh well.

Rental car!  We didn't rent this one because the clubs wouldn't fit but we loved it.

My favorite picture I took of the dolphins jumping over Amy!  Really.. Amy is just out of the picture....I focused on the dolphins!


Amy applying sunscreen 2 hours too late.

Another favorite picture:)

Amy acting like the girls on Bonneville's volleyball team a few years ago when they would play hillcrest.

This is a Hotel not the real deal!

Resort we stayed at. The Royal!

amy posing on 5th avenue in Mexico not NYC..  

eating again!


Golfing again:)
A cute family making music together!

Applying ice to the sunburned/blistered face!

My favorite day.  The Merida Temple trip.

I love this picture!  I love this temple.  17 temples visited now... on my goal to 50! 

Amy saying goodbye to her beach and her mexico trip!

We will be sad when Amy graduates and heads to bYu.